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      1. 上市医院?股票代码:300015





        AIER Eye Hospital Group is a leading ophthalmic medical group (eye-care service provider) with domestic and global footprint and high-standard medical care capacity, serving patients across Asia, Europe, and North America. AIER has three public-trading companies listed in China, Europe, and Southeast Asia, respectively (Shenzhen Stock Market: AIER, 300015; Spain BME: CBAV; Singapore SGX: 40T). We have so far established 720 ophthalmic hospitals and centers across the world, including 611 hospitals and centers in mainland China, 7 in Hong Kong, China, 1 in the United States, 90 in Europe, and 12 in Southeast Asia. In 2020, we served more than 10 million outpatient visits and preformed over 1 million surgeries in mainland China. Our medical service network covers approximately 3 billion people worldwide.?


        Domestic market is the core business of AIER and international market plays a more and more important role in our global strategy. We are committed to introducing and absorbing the cutting-edge technology and advanced management concepts, as well as to contributing to the evolution of China's ophthalmology market, in a specialized, scaled-up and scientific way.?

        AIER has successfully explored the business model in line with China’s national and market condition through continuous practice- the “hierarchical chain”- to fully utilize advantages in talent, technology and management so as to achieve better clinical outcome, to improve service standard and to optimize communication between patients and medical personnel.?


        Scientific research innovation and talent cultivation are the cornerstones of long-term development. We vigorously support the development of original and cutting-edge scientific research and make ourselves committed to creating a closed-loop ophthalmic ecosystem on a global platform by gradually increasing investment.

        Since the joint establishment of AIER School of Ophthalmology of Central South University?by AIER and Central South University?in 2013, an innovative exploration of school-enterprise cooperation was officially launched. AIER then successively promoted strategic cooperation with well-known universities, such as Hubei University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Jinan University, Anhui Medical University, Tianjin University, and Sichuan University, etc.

        AIER and the universities are sharing the same goal to build an integrated education and research platform by leveraging the strengths of “Good Company” and “Famous University” through in-depth collaboration in areas of hospital co-management, talent and faculty training, academic development and scientific research, so as to train excellent ophthalmic talents for the community, as well as to contribute our wisdom and power to the evolution of the ophthalmology and vision science in China.


        Based on this, AIER continued to create a comprehensive scientific research platform. Up to now, an innovative platform integrating science, education and research.?“Eight Institutes, Two Stations, Two Bases, and Three Centers”?has been established nationwide.

        “Eight Institutes” refers to Eye Institute, Optometry & Visual Science Institute, Keratoconus Institute, Refractive Institute, Retina Institute, Glaucoma Institute, Cataract Institute, and AIER Ophthalmic Research Institute in Wuhan; “Two Stations” refers to National Post-Doctorates R&D Workstation?and Academician Expert Hunan Provincial Workstation, which was established after approval; “Two Bases”?refers to Hunan International Optometry Science and Technology Cooperation Base?and HOME Program work base in Hunan Province; “Three Centers”?refers to Hunan Optometry Engineering Technology Research Center, Hunan Ocular Surface Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, and Hunan Enterprise Technology Center; meanwhile various innovative platforms such as “AIER-ICT Digital Ophthalmology Joint Laboratory” were jointly established.?


        On the 10th?Anniversary of listing, AIER took “Innovation Driven and Technology Empowered” as the guideline and proposed three strategic goals. The first goal is to expand the medical service network into vast urban and rural areas, enabling patients to experience convenient and high-quality ophthalmic medical service, implementing the strategy of “Healthy China”. The second goal is to continuously improve ophthalmic medical technology in China and to be recognized as world-level excellence by building up world-class and national-level ophthalmic medical center. The last but not the least goal is to promote advancement of human ophthalmology and visual science through global footprint as well as coordinated development of medicine, education, research, production and investment.?

        在十九年的创业发展历程中,爱尔眼科凝聚和培养了一批经验丰富、具有开拓创新精神的管理团队和医术精良、治学严谨的眼科专家和医生团队。截至目前,爱尔眼科医院集团及旗下全球员工总数达50000余人,其中眼科医生及视光师总数(含海外) 9000余人,包括一大批博士生导师、硕士生导师、博士、博士后、留学欧美的学者以及临床经验丰富的核心专家。

        Through the past 19-year growth and expansion, AIER has attracted and cultivated a group of experienced management team with innovative spirit, as well as a team of well-trained ophthalmologists and doctors with excellent medical skills and rigorous scholarship. At present, AIER has more than 50,000 employees worldwide. Among them, 9,000 are ophthalmologists and optometrists (including domestic and overseas), with a big group of doctoral supervisors, master supervisors, doctors, post-doctors, oversea scholars, and even core experts with extensive clinical experiences.?


        The growth of AIER always sticks to the original intention and mission of “Enabling everyone, no matter rich or poor, has the right to eye health”. We are committed to the bright future of all human beings, insisting on “patient-oriented” principle, and pursuing the harmonious unity of social responsibility and self-development. By adopting the pioneering “Cross Subsidy?Model”, while offering our patients higher-quality ophthalmic medical service, AIER also comprehensively carries out blindness prevention and treatment, devotes to public welfare, helps vulnerable groups, and actively unites all forces from society, promoting the comprehensive development of China’s blindness prevention and even the eye health career of citizens. In 2018?and 2020, AIER was awarded the 10th and the 11th “China Charity Award” by Chinese Government. Besides, we were also awarded many other honors, such as “China Public Welfare Enterprise Award”, “Best Socially Responsible Public Company”, and “Hunan Charity Award”, etc. Moreover, AIER responded positively to the national appeal and took the lead in different public benefit activities such as “The Belt and Road Brightness Campaign” and “Mekong Brightness Campaign”, winning unanimous praise from organizers, aid recipient governments and patients. In this way, AIER has been gradually regarded as a representative of global philanthropy activities.?


        AIER has been rated as “Top 10 Most Valued Public Company in China”?by authoritative institutions for multiple consecutive years. We won the “China Spectrum Award” of China Brand Festival consecutively and many other honors, including “Best Sustainable Investment Value Award”, “Chinese Public Company Best Shareholder Return Award”, and “Chinese Public Company Industrial Contribution Award”, etc. At the same time, AIER was also successfully selected as CSI 300 Index?Stock and MSCI China Index Constituent Stock, etc.


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